No.3 #WhatTheFutureHolds @OfficialSteps

This is their 6th studio album 3 years after their successful comeback #TearsOnTheDancefloor. This just missed out on the top spot hitting No.2 on the UK Album Chart.

Steps have always been perky. Their unfailingly cheery demeanour was a staple of the late-Nineties; since then, they have steadfastly refused to change their sound to keep up with modern music trends. So it’s amusing that this year’s What the Future Holds, a sugary rush of high-octane bangers, fits so well into 2020’s onslaught of maximalist dance-pop. After more than two decades, Steps are finally on-trend.

The Independent

Their most ambitious album to date, ‘What The Future Holds’ showcases the big melodic choruses of their top-tier bangers but also brings back the harmony-laden ballads and some atmospheric mid-tempos. ‘What the Future Holds’ is the best distillation of Steps so far; an album that shows both a deeper shade of blue and a brighter future.

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