No.4 #Chromatica @ladygaga

Gaga’s 6th studio album is a pure return to form IMO. Going to the top of the album chart in 16 countries and already certified Gold in 6 shows her success just continues. What this Lady has done for pop music is immeasurable.

Smash hit Ariana Grande collaboration ‘Rain on Me’, which may just be Gaga’s best song since 2011’s ‘Born This Way’. Over euphoric synth-pop instrumentals and strutting disco beats, Gaga purrs “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive” in a fist-pumping moment of pure jubilation. There can be 100 songs you’ve written, and 99 don’t leave an impact, but all it takes is one as good as ‘Rain On Me’ to remain a pop icon.


On Chromatica, her sixth album, she shows off all the sides of herself that made people fall in love with her in the first place: She’s a romantic, a ham, a truth teller, a gossip, a flirt, and, most often, a woman who needs healing after being hurt too many times. Her goal may still be to just dance, but she seems more three-dimensional this time, more human than the “Fame Monster” title she gave herself all those years ago.

Rolling Stone

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