No.2 #Disco @kylieminogue

Kylie’s 15th studio album has only been out a just over a month and here it is at No.2! It’s a non-stop-pop-fest! It went straight to the top in the UK Album Chart which made her the first female artist to have a No.1 in 5 consecutive decades.

Disco’s lyrics mainly revolve around the push and pull of love and its myriad forms. It ends, however, with a curio in the shape of the piano-led self-empowerment anthem Celebrate You. Focusing on a single character, Mary (“you ain’t ordinary”), who represents the sadness in all of us, its trite conceit is exploded by a gorgeous, effervescent melody and a near-transcendent timeliness. It’s the kind of magic trick only Kylie could pull off.

The Guardian

The pop stalwart’s 15th studio album avoids both traps by embracing what Minogue has called “grown-up disco”: a terrific fit for this seasoned showgirl who’s been bringing out bops and bangers since the late ‘80s. ‘Dance Floor Darling’ has a delirious spoken word bit that recalls Minogue’s high-camp romp ‘Your Disco Needs You’, but elsewhere this album succeeds because it feels like Kylie doing disco in her own cute way: measured, affectionate and sincere, not an exercise in tongue-in-cheek pastiche


US Dance/Electronica Album Chart: No.1

Scottish Album Chart: No.1

UK Independent Album Chart: No.1

Irish Independent Chart: No.1

Australian Album Chart: No.1

Certified Gold in the UK

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