No.1 #HeavyLove @LouiseRedknapp

So, this will come as no surprise, but this album was never going to be topped this year, (although Kylie almost nailed it) this album was 20 years overdue, and it was so much better than anyone was ready for.

Heavy Love is pop music at its finest and a delightful welcome back to Louise. It is a challenge to imagine any other pop album being quite this good in 2020.

After a 20-year hiatus, Louise is back with her highly anticipated fourth studio album Heavy Love. Despite not actively writing/recording for almost two decades, Louise has proven that she is still relevant in today’s ever-evolving world of pop music.

Official Independent Album Chart: No.2

Official Physical Album Chart: No.3

Official Vinyl Album Chart: No.3

Official Albums Sale Chart: No.4

Official Scottish Album Chart: No.6

Official Album Download Chart: No.9

Official UK Album Chart: No.11

#Top5Albums2020 #AlbumOfTheYear #PopMusic #Pop #LouiseRedknapp

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