all chart positions and sales figures taken from wikipedia & official UK chart websites

Lou From Lewisham. According to the Guinness World Records’ British Hit Singles (15th edition) she was the first British female to have a string of hits as a band member and a solo artist, and she was rated in the top 500 British acts of all time. She has 3 platinum-selling albums Naked (1996), Woman in Me (1997) and Elbow Beach (2000), and has sold over 5 million records in the UK, and 15 million records worldwide.

Her newest album Heavy Love (2020) entered into the UK Top 40 at No.11, showing the industry that she is still relevant and can still sell records 20 years after her initial success.

26 years into her career, Louise is officially BACK to once again excite and delight audiences old and new, showcasing her unwavering musical prowess and undeniable talent. Making the most creative, honest and exciting music of her career, with Heavy Love Louise delivers the contemporary pop album we have all LONG been waiting for!

Philip Logan, Celeb Mix

Now, I love Eternal, all of their music, but I truly believe that her decision to leave was the best she ever made. Yes, their debut album Always & Forever sold the most copies (GOLD status in the UK) but that was mainly because they were the first of their kind. With Power of a Woman, Eternal grew up, became sexier, sassier, much more soulful, followed the direction of their US counterparts En Vogue, TLC, Destiny’s Child. Louise had other ideas. She wanted to be the UK’s Janet Jackson.

Releasing Light of My Life as her debut single was a very brave decision. A ballad? To launch a pop artist? But it paid off. Not only did it show the world she was serious about her music, it also showed that she could actually sing on her own, and not just a backing vocalist for the powerhouse vocals of Easther Bennet. The single released was packaged with the poptastic Real Love as a B-side, plus remixes, including a truly beautiful piano mix of Light of my Life. It went straight into the UK Top 10 at No.8.

In Walked Love was the follow up single, reaching No.14 in the UK Top 40. It was written by top American writer, Diane Warren. Originally recorded by American Girl group Expose. I once saw Expose performing in a random gay bar in New York. Had no clue it was them, just happened to be in a random bar for a night out, and then suddenly they started sing In Walked love! What are the odds! The single release also contained the B-side All Of You.

With the release of Naked, Louise showed she had more to give. She wanted to be able to do a big concept video with a big routine (choreographed by none other than Jamie King who had previously worked with Michael and Janet Jackson as well as Madonna) and create a pop anthem.

Naked was the turning point for me I feel like it took me from Louise ex-Eternal to Louise the solo artist.

Louise Redknapp, Twitter

Naked went straight into the UK Top 10 at No.5, and went on to be certified platinum. selling over 600,000 copies. It was packaged with the usual remixes, plus 2 new B-sides, Keep The Loving In, which is my personal favourite of all her B-sides (I actually think it deserved to be a single) & Do Me Right.

Undivided Love was another bop from the then Miss Nurding, with a simple but gorgeous video featuring Jamie King once again, and provided another Top 5 hit. This is a fan favourite and went down very well at her one off gig at Under The Bridge, which was her first live show that was the beginning of her come back. It sold out in 2 minutes, and lead the way for the Intimate and Live tour. This song is one of my favourites. I think this is one of her best ever looks.

Undivided Love – I loved the video to this song working with the fab Jamie King and again the single version has a little bit more about it than the album version and I loved the routine with the walking sticks

Louise Redknapp, Twitter

It was another hit, going straight in the UK Top 40 at No.5. The single release saw two more new B-side, How In The World (which was originally intended to be on the album but got bumped last minute for this very single) & Better Next Time.

One Kiss From Heaven was the fifth and final single from the album Naked. It marked a much more mature sound, especially the single version. It reached No.9 in the UK Top 40. The video was a chance for Louise to hang out with her friends, including some famous faces. See if you can spot them…

woman in me

Arms Around The World was a comeback single for the second album, Woman In Me. This video had a big budget and showed a different, futuristic styling. It was another Top 5 hit, selling 159,000 copies. The single was packaged with 2 B-sides: album track Don’t Be Shy & the delicious Intimate. This song recently enjoyed a resurrection on the new live shows, with the Godfather of pop Steve Anderson giving it a fantastic make over.

Lets Go Round Again was another high concept, dance video and gave Louise her biggest seller to date. This is her show closer in all of her recent gigs as it really gets the crowd going and ends on a high. The single had 2 new B-sides: the funky Just When I Thought, and the sultry How You Make Me Feel which is another favourite of mine.

Courtesy of Malcolm McLean, YouTube

All That Matters was the third and final single from Woman In Me. It hit No.11 in the UK Top 40. The single was released with 2 Live recordings of album tracks, When Will My Heart Beat Again and Woman In Me, plus the usual stock of remixes.

elbow beach

My #FanArt

2 Faced was another launch single, this time for Louise’s third album Elbow Beach. Fresh from her wedding and in the height of the summer it sounded so fresh and gave a little nod to her very first single with Eternal, Stay. It is her highest chart position to date at No.3, and has sold 153,000 copies in the UK according to the Official Charts Company. This is another popular song to perform as it’s a real crowd pleaser, singing along. Ow Ow…

Beautiful Inside is one of my all-time favourites. It samples The Wu-Tang Clan, giving it more of an edge and sounds so good with a heavy bass. The video is so different for her with a sci-fi feel to it, her backing dancers morphing into each other, another high concept dance feel. This single came with B-sides Clear Water and Better Back Off. It charted at No.13 in the UK Top 40.

My #FanArt to celebrate 20th anniversary of one of my favs by her


Louise also became a regular on SM:TV Live, a very popular Saturday morning TV show with Ant & Dec and Kat Deeley. She was a regular on Chums as Kat’s best friend.

changing faces: greatest hits

Stuck In The Middle With You was another big hit, entering the UK Top 40 at No.4, and launched her greatest hits album Changing Faces in 2001. The video was a take on the movie Reservoir Dogs in which Louise’s cheeky nature shines through.

pandora’s kiss

Pandora’s Kiss shows a rockier side to Louise and is another one of my favourites, with another high concept video with a take on Pandora’s Box. It was partnered with Don’t Give Up which was a charity single for Asda‘s Tickled Pink campaign. Pandora’s Kiss was the lead single for what was to be her 4th album, but due to falling pregnant with Charley, the album never saw the light of day, apart from the odd, unfinished copy floating around out in the ether…


After a break from music to have her (miracle) first child Charlie after a battle to get pregnant, Louise turned her hand to presenting, appearing on various shows, and even a judges panel.

the clothes show

2006 saw Louise landing a presenting role on a re-vamped version of long running TV show, The Clothes Show, deepening her love for fashion and giving her more experience in front of the camera. The show was aired on cable TV channel UKTV Style.

the truth about size zero

2007 saw Louise film a documentary dropping 2 dress sizes to achieve the controversial American dress size (4 in the UK), undergoing a very strict diet for 30 days, documenting every aspect of the gruelling process.

so you think you can dance

2010 saw Louise landing a role on the judges panel for the UK version of So You Think You Can Dance. The show was created by Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller who created Pop Idol and followed a similar format, only focusing on dance talent. It was presented by Cat Deeley. The judges panel also included Arlene Phillips of Strictly fame and Nigel Lythgoe himself. The show returned for a second series the following year, featuring Alexandra Burke as a guest judge during the audition process. The show was axed after season two due to low ratings.

strictly come dancing

Hearing that Louise has signed up to do Strictly in 2016 was just everything for me. I’ve been a massive fan of the show for many years, and if anyone asked me who I’d want to do it, it would be her. It was like my 2 favourite things coming together. And, if I could choose who would partner her, it would be Kevin, so double win because that’s who she got! My excitement was off the scale!

Week 3 saw her dance to Flashdance‘s What A Feeling, and Kevin incorporated some of the chorography from Naked. Bliss. It was so good.

Then weeks later she went on to collide with another of my passions as she dressed up as Harlequin for Halloween week! I mean, come on people, talk about giving me what I want!!!

Week 7 brought the tango, my favourite dance, and she didn’t disappoint. It gave me chills and wowed the judges. Simply amazing!

Next up, Blackpool called and she gave her strongest performance yet. Her Paso was filled with fire and oozed passion. I was amazed. And I was lucky enough to see her do this in person when I went to the live show at the o2. Simply incredible.

She made the final! She was never in the bottom 2 so never needed to endure a dance off. Of course, I really wanted her to win, but alas the glitter ball was not to be hers. I obviously think it was a travesty! Especially as everyone I spoke to at the time said they thought that she was going to win. Oh well, at least I got my wish of her doing it at all and getting to the final.

I truly think that if it wasn’t for Strictly then the fire in her belly would never had been ignited and we wouldn’t have her back, doing what she was born to do, so it means everything to me that she did it, because it was the beginning of the best material of her career.

flashdance @ mayflower theatre

This was a complete fluke, but a very lucky one. We went to see Flashdance, starring Joanne Clifton and Ben Adams, very last minute for my birthday. Low and behold, in the audience were a few of the cast of Strictly who had come to support Joanne. Louise was there with Kevin. The show was amazing! After the show, a few people were going up and getting photos with the Strictly crew. I’m normally not this brave but it was my birthday and a massive coincidence so I just went for it. This photo is the result. Best birthday ever!


Redknapp absolutely kills it on the two solo songs she performs.

Andrew Donaldson, The Fountain

The Stage was calling, and what a show! I knew next to nothing about Cabaret, don’t think I’d even seen the movie with Liza Mannelli but I couldn’t wait to see it, and see I did, on opening night. Co starring with Will Young this show was brilliant, and Louise was incredible. She first appeared in a box that was launched over the first few rows of the audience and I swear to God I almost wet myself! To see her on stage again for the first time was filled my heart with so much joy. Her version of Maybe This Time was just stunning. Louise was back, with added gumption. I mean, that vocal! Where did it come from? She was back, and she was improving her craft like never before. Louise means business, and I was here for it!

Louise stars as Sally Bowles, flirtatious, sexy and thriving in this role. Her voice articulate and stunning. With her relationship with Clifford Bradshaw you hope that the everlasting love would be there, but the wild child in her, the naïve outlook or ignorance to what was going on around in this Nazi uprising you always felt may be the downfall in the relationship, but that ignorance also gave her comfort and not a worry in life. Singing some fabulous numbers throughout ending with an amazing and captivating rendition of ‘Life is a cabaret, old chum’. Already a star of the pop world and more recently Strictly come dancing. Louise Redknapp knows how to perform and dazzle on stage.


After the show I was even lucky enough to meet her for the third time by waiting outside the stage door.

I simply don’t understand it myself, what happens. My legs start uncontrollably shaking when I know I’m going to meet her, every time. And I have so much that I want to say but I become braindead! I mean, get a grip Paul, she’s a person.

She is just lovely, always happy to stop and chat to her fans. It really does mean a lot to us.

metropolis sessions

September of 2017 saw Louise performing her hits, plus some covers, to post online and create some buzz, and really get to feel what it’s like to perform again. I’ll never forget them, after all these years we finally got to hear her sing all the songs we know and love. It was very special. Absolutely love her cover of Kilani‘s Bright.

under the bridge

December 22nd and it really was Christmas! I had tickets to the first Louise concert in decades, (that sold out within minutes by the way) hell, I didn’t even think this was ever going to happen again. This night, I can’t even… no words will do it justice. It was everything, and then some. So, so special.

mighty hoopla 2018

this video was filmed by me

So this was a very exciting show for me as it was the first of the summer ‘festival’ shows that I saw, and I’d seen that she had been rehearsing with dancers so I was really hoping that the routines were going to make a comeback, AND THEY DID! And she didn’t disappoint.
The day was so good, really hot and sunny, great music, great company with my Baby and 2 of my Besties. I still can’t quite get over that Louise was higher billing than Mel C! She opened for TLC who were also brilliant! (See their page for my video).

Jim, Me, Chaz & Barry

brighton pride 2018

I took this photo and I LOVE it!

This was so exciting as not only was I seeing Louise again but I was with a large group of friends and we were celebrating being us! And also, I was getting to see Britney ‘live’ for the first time ever. And Louise was 2nd bill! And Louise was better, she actually sang live as well as doing the dance routines!
The large crowd that turned up for Britney was unmanageable and we ended up half way back in the crowd, watching it on a screen and were still squashed like sardines in a can!

The West End beckons… and so does Dolly!

9 to 5

Louise Redknapp is a well-established performer who slides into the role of Violet Newstead with ease, becoming easily believable and easily sympathetic in her plight, not least because her strong work ethic and commitment to the office environment allows her to take a leadership position with aplomb.

Mark Armstrong, writebase.co.uk

Louise’s debut to the West End brought Lily Tomlin‘s Violet from cult comedy 9 to 5 was a smash hit for Louise and brought in raving reviews. I was there for opening night… turns out she wasn’t! Due to a fall, she split open her chin and couldn’t perform for weeks under Dr’s orders. But we had a second chance and I was there again for her real opening night, sat in the front row no less. I loved this show regardless, Bonnie Langford was truly outstanding as sexed up secretary to Brain Connolly‘s hilarious turn as male chauvinistic boss man Franklin Heart. She also reprised her role for many dates for the national tour, and was asked to return to the West End for the final run of the show, where her schedule would allow.

The one-time star with Eternal is at home centre stage and relishes the big song and dance numbers, especially One of the boys which has all the sparkle and slick choreography of a pop video.

Peter Grant, Wirrel Globe

I was once again very lucky to meet her at stage door for her opening night as well as her final night as Violet. The final night we made a bit of a thing of it and had seats in the box which was really cool. It was important to me that I was there for her opening night and last night. Just wanted to support her.

new music!

Finally, the moment all her loyal fans have been waiting for! 26th March, 2019 the new single Stretch was released. I remember I randomly had the day off and was able to listen in on the premiere on Radio 2 with Fearne Cotton. It was everything it should’ve been and more, still very Louise but brought bang up-to-date. The original version is at the top of this page, this is the brilliant Initial Talk Remix!

My #FanArt to celebrate my favourite new single

The song of the summer had arrived! Lead Me On was produced by Clean Bandit and just had an amazing summer vibe to it. The video is beautiful, showing Louise putting some of her Strictly experience to use, dancing with the sexy model.

courtesy of In Walked Louise, YouTube

Not The Same was released on October 11th, 2019. This song has lots of energy, with a catchy hook and is backed up by a gospel choir. It’s a real bittersweet, feel good song and goes down a treat when she performs it live, you can tell she really loves this song.

white city

This gig was supposed to be her album launch party and was an invitation only event. Some of her top fans on social media were invited and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Jim and I were in Asda doing a food shop when the invitation came through. It honestly felt like all of my Christmases had come at once.

I was allowed to bring a guest, Jim had work, so I took Barry as a thank you for him taking me to the Kylie Spotify gig, which was just so incredible. We had such a fab night. We got the chance to meet her after the show. We also met Steve Anderson which Barry and I found really exciting as he is like The Godfather of pop. We also met Sophie Ellis Bextor. Caroline Flack, Mel B and Keith Lemmon were also there supporting her. It was a really special night.

It was the most intimate gig I have ever been to. It was really special. We weren’t allowed to take any photos or videos of the show so I was good and played by the rules and I think that’s why I really enjoyed it. It’s a catch 22 when it comes to capturing footage of gigs. I don’t like watching it through my phone, I like to experience it raw and enjoy being in the moment. But, I do film parts of songs as having these videos to look back on is so precious to me. I don’t want to take anything for granted, I don’t know how long she will be doing this in case she decides to give it all up again. I just wish I had footage of all of her early stuff but that was all before social media took off. That’s another reason why I like to see her more than once on tour, so I can capture different songs and enjoy them on others.

nordoff robbins

Omera, London

This was such a special gig. The venue was simply beautiful, and my footage came out really great, I’m so pleased. I was situated perfectly at the front of the step. It was hot. I mean, really hot in there. Saw this with Jim and bestie Barry, who both really enjoyed it too. Lots of gays in the audience, as per usual. Absolutely love the Stay/Sweet Love mash up.

The end of 2019 saw one last single release before Heavy Love launched. Hammer is a big favourite of mine! It’s a really big pop song and deserved a massive campaign with a big budget video, instead we got this fun, behind-the-scenes outtake footage.

heavy love album launch march 2020

Album release day was finally here and I was so bloody excited when my delivery turned up with all my goodies! I think between us we have the album more than 10 times!

Plus, I was seeing her tonight, in an intimate setting of a church for the album launch party, and she was doing a signing at HMV in Westfield so I was going to meet her again! So off to London for the day we went.

My #FanArt to celebrate the release
St John’s Church, Kingston, London. Footage filmed by me.

heavy love tour 2020

footage filmed by me.

This show was everything. Her first tour in years, she came to me for a change (I live in Southampton), and I had VIP tickets for a meet and greet where she signed so much stuff for me, even though she was being hurried along, plus I got to be right at the front of the stage. Seriously, I was so excited to see her in her own show again, and to see what songs made the setlist.

Personal highlights of the show were: opening with Hammer, which is a fav from the new album, In Walked Love 2.0 courtesy of Steve Anderson, Naked 2.0 which was amazing, in the red neon light box. I also really enjoyed the Eternal medley, especially So Good because it was the first time hearing her version, I will admit to shedding a slight tear in that moment, it meant a lot to me. Straight To My Heart is another favourite from the new album, it’s a little nod back to her old style of music and I just love the way it builds and builds throughout the song. Villain was another stand out moment for me, it was so good to hear it live. Wrong, also is a massive moment with the spotlight on her and the raw vocals, accompanied by the piano, it was truly special. Escapade was just pure, off the charts joy! Being a massive Janet fan as Lou is, it was just a big, surprise moment!

footage filmed by me
footage filmed by me

I was lucky enough to see the show 3 times in all, before the rest of the tour had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such a shame. Talk about bad timing! The only show that was cancelled for me was the London date, but I look forward to it being rescheduled. As each show went on, the numbers in the audience became less and less. It was before the official #lockdown was put in place but it was clear people were wondering if it was indeed safe to go to gigs.

I was lucky enough to get there early enough to be at the front for all 3 shows, and filmed different footage at all 3 shows. I hope you enjoy my footage…

footage filmed by me
footage filmed by me


On April 15th 2020 twitter was buzzing for Louise fans compliments of @trackbytrackuk for holding an online group playthrough of Louise’s debut album Naked, and Louise herself joined in, offering many insights on her thoughts of the album.

Naked was the turning point for me I feel like it took me from Louise ex-eternal to Louise the solo artist x #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

Light Of My Life – I love this song it was a bit of a gamble going with a ballad for my first song since leaving the group but I’m so glad we did! love the lyrics and loved working with Simon Climie on this #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

In Walked Love – haha this song It’s not my favourite single but I know a lot of you love it, but I do love the new tour version by @MrSteveAnderson #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

Thinking About You Baby – I loved the electronic 80’s feel to this track and it had a little bit more of an edge #TBTNaked

Discussions – I love these lyrics it’s fairy relevant to now and again it had a little bit more of an edge to it than the rest of the album #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

One Kiss From Heaven – I loved this single, it’s one of my favourites from this album and the video was so much fun. I love the single reworking it just added something a little more than the album version #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

The Best That You Bring – I remember this was a potential second single but we went with something else instead. It’s a great fun uplifting track and I did perform it on my first solo tour on a big sofa having a pillow fight #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

Undivided Love – I loved the video to this song working with the fab Jamie King and again the single version has a little bit more about it than the album version and I loved the routine with the walking sticks #TBTNaked

Lousie Redknapp, twitter

Back To Love – I like the laid back 90s groove of this one! Always forget about one #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

Never Too Late – This is such a beautiful ballad again one I often forget about but loving listening back to this one x #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

Goodbye To Love – again loving the 90s groove on this one it’s crazy to think I forget a lot of these tracks then when I hear them again It all comes back to when I was making this album #TBTNaked

Louise Redknapp, twitter

#lockdown videos

Just A Step From Heaven #Lockdown


Light of my Life debut single turns 25. Here is some artwork I have done to mark the occasion.

My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt
My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt


My artwork to celebrate the 25th anniversary of In Walked Love.

My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt
My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt


My artwork to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her trademark song Naked.

My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt
My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt

My artwork to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of my favourite albums of all time.

My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt
My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt


My artwork to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Undivided Love.

My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt
My #FanArt #ComicArt #DigitalArt

Louise headlines 9 to 5 UK Tour

I was lucky enough to be there for opening night and even more lucky to be living in the city it launched in! I went with my friend Laura who is a regular at The Mayflower in Southampton and an awesome show it was. After the show Louise said a few words about how exciting it was to be back on stage in front of an audience and thanked us all for buying tickets and turning up because we are the reason we do it.

I was also there for the Saturday performance (it would be rude not to, 2 days before my birthday!) and was lucky enough to meet her and get my copy of her book signed.


My fan art to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of One Kiss From Heaven

My fan art

Peacocks Edit Campaign

25th Anniversary Art Collection

My digital art celebrates the 25th Anniversary of one of Naked and it’s released singles.

  1. I can offer $3,000 for it. Please email or text me: 360.701.2446 or talmoore10@gmail.com

  2. Hello! I’m interested in the @popsmith handle on instagram. Interested in selling?

  3. Oh wow. Thanks so much for getting in touch. Your voice is amazing. Such a shame you gave up singing…

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  5. Oh wow. Thanks for your comment Paul, and for taking time to visit my website. Any chance you’d be up…

2 replies to “louise

  1. I am so pleased to have shared with you many Louise and Eternal moments! She was /is brilliant on the all the different times I saw her with you.
    Under The Bridge was so fantastic, the fact she did the routine for Naked at Mighty Hoopla – my inner 16 year old couldn’t cope! At her invite only launch you caught her attention and asked her if I could have a photo with her and then you guys got me something signed at the Heavy Love tour at 1865! Hope we have lots more Louise moments

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed, Mighty Hoopla was very special due to her doing the routines for the first time again. Hope she does more of them going forward. We’ve had lots of exciting trips together, including Kylie and Steps concerts too.
      Here’s to many, many more!


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