kelle bryan


Kelle Bryan’s career has really taken off over the passed few years, as both a presenter and an actor. Over the years she has appeared on our telly boxes in many different shows such as EastEnders (very early in her career), presented The N List on Nickelodeon, came 2nd on Celebrity Love Island, and starred in BBC comedy Me & Mrs Jones. She is now officially a regular on the panel of hugely popular daytime tv show, Loose Women, and she has recently been nominated for Best Actress at the Inside Soap Awards for her role as Martine Deveraux in top TV soap, Hollyoaks. She is also a patron of St Thomas’ Lupus Trust, and documents her battle with the disease regularly on social media. Along with treading the boards in a handful of pantomimes, and running her own agency, is there anything this amazing woman cannot do?

But, before all of that she was of course a member of the most incredible girl band, Eternal for the best part of the 90’s. After her highly documented departure (let’s not go into that again!) she landed a £1.2 million record deal with Mercury Records as a solo artist.

higher than heaven

Kelle’s debut single Higher than Heaven was a gospel tinged, pop masterpiece and is much appreciated by many on social media to this day. It had chart success, hitting the UK Top 20 at No.14, and was even a big enough hit to warrant a TOTP performance…

i wanna know

Unfortunately, even though the video was a regular on much loved cable music channel The Box, the all important second single I Wanna Know was never released. It’s a summery, acoustic kind of affair that brought joy to her fans, but never saw light of day other than the odd promo cd if you’re lucky enough to come across (i have one!). Apart from B-sides Two Hearts, Love Revolution and the truly beautiful My Heart Wants to Be Where You Are, no more material was released from the album. Yes people, there is an album. Breakfast In Bed currently sits, archived away in the ether somewhere, and I for one would give anything to finally hear it, let alone own a copy!

love island

in 2006 she was in Celebrity Love Island, pairing with Brendan Cole and was the female runner up.

me & mrs jones

In 2012 she appeared in bbc comedy Me & Mrs Jones as Fran, Gemma’s best friend.

I think the lovely thing about Me And Mrs Jones is that it tells real stories about real families. It’s life how we live now. I think there are so many relationships that people will look at and go – I so relate to that. It’s about the relationships, how real they are and how you can relate to them today.

Kelle Bryan, British Comedy Guide


In September of 2018 she landed the role of Martine Deveraux in popular evening soap Hollyoaks, and this year she has been nominate for Best Actress at the Inside Soap Awards 2020.

“It’s a stellar cast of actors and we are simply having a blast working together. Playing Miss Deveraux is such fun – she says and does all of the things I would never dare to do.”

Kelle Bryan

Delighted to announce that I have been nominated for best actress @InsideSoapMag awards. Here’s the link best of luck to all the nominee’s photography Kerry Spicer.

Kelle Bryan, twitter

loose women

Since May 2019, Kelle has been a regular on the panel for the hugely successful daytime chat show Loose Women.

Dearest Kelle, thank you for all that you have given us, and even though you are not currently making music anymore, it makes me incredibly proud to be a fan, to see you doing so well and still being as relevant today as you were in the 90’s. There aren’t many pop stars that can say that now are there.

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