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Darren Hayes is my favourite male artist/voice of all time. His music inspired me at a very young age, and I continue to listen to his solo music, as well as Savage Garden, to this very day.

Savage Garden’s debut album is one of my favourite albums of all time. I have been lucky enough to see him live a handful of times, but never got to see Savage Garden in concert.

I’ve never been lucky enough to meet him either, came close though. When Stars Wars Celebration was in London a few years ago I went with friends, and I spotted him in the queue with his friends. He clearly clocked me clocking him because I was so excited, but he turned his back to me, and I got it, he was there with friends to enjoy the day, so I left well alone. Shame though. Hopefully one day. Also, years ago, when Sharon Osbourne was on Piers Morgan’s show and she was being completely vile about Dannii Minogue (Just after they were on X Factor together) I remember posting on social media how disgusted I was and Darren replied to say he agreed, and she was being vulgar.

savage garden

Darren and Daniel first met in 1993, released their debut, self-titled album in 1997, and went on to sell more than 23 million albums worldwide.

Still one of my all-time favourite songs, the beginning of it all. Those piercing blue eyes looked back at me from withing the television and I was hooked.

This album was the soundtrack to my life for well over a year. Violet was my personal favourite, as well as Carry on Dancing and Tears of Pearls, but the whole album is such a gem.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, polished Savage Garden…

Unhappy with the completed album, the record company wanted another Truly, Madly, Deeply, which the boys were a reluctant to do, but wrote I Knew I Loved You in 40 minutes to make them happy. It was added on to the album, and was the lead single, and another global smash hit, (US No.1) and featured a young Kirsten Dunst in the music video. I was never a big fan of the song. Crash and Burn is far superior IMO…

Their second album saw a much more polished version of Savage Garden, losing their ‘recorded in the garage’ feel of their music, but was very much the album they should have made after the success of their first. Chained To You, The Best Thing, and the beautiful The Lover After Me are my favourite tracks.


Seriously one of the sexiest songs ever written/recorded for me. Just epic. And he is so beautiful in this video…


I was working at Tower Records when this was released, and I used to play it in the shop all the time. Plus, I had reviewed it as part of our ‘Recommends’ promo that we used to do in store, and it felt really good to have a tiny part contributing to the sales.

Darren Hayes had landed, and his debut album was a masterpiece. It still seems ludicrous to me that the title track was not a single, it is incredible. So, so much here that I love: Heart Attack, Creepin’ Up on You, Dirty, What You Like alone is a pleasure in the ears. Then there’s the beauty of I Can’t Ever Get Enough of You and single I Miss You (I love the Dallas Austin mix).

Crush was my personal favourite from the album, and I love the retro video that goes with it. It also had a mash up with Madonna’s Holiday and I, of course, was completely here for it!

too close for comfort

I saw this at Portsmouth Guildhall here in the UK, and it was the first time I saw him live, cementing my fandom. He was just so good live, and he did a couple of my very favourites: Like It or Not, I’ll Bet He Was Cool, Creepin Up on You, Dirrty, and Heart Attack. I loved him with blond hair too. Just beautiful.

tension and the spark

Popular was very tongue-in-cheek, I loved it. So fun. It also housed my favourite B-side of his (of which there are many) Touch.

This album has such a special place in my heart. It introduced me to a much darker, electric side that I really connected with. Darkness and I Like The Way lit something inside me that I didn’t even know was there. Unlovable also really resonated with me. It’s how I felt for a very long time as I was single for so long.

Ladies and gentlemen listen up please, I don’t want to be your hero

Darren Hayes

Darkness is bliss. Love this song. Here’s a live version taken from The Time Machine Tour which is slightly sped up and he sounds so good. I love the lasers too! And it fits beautifully with Step into The Light from This Delicate Thing We Made, and then I Like the Way.

dark light tour 2004

I saw this here at Southampton’s Guildhall, right on my doorstep. I remember being so excited but Matt & Steve who I went with were running so late so we didn’t have the best spot to on the standing floor, but it didn’t matter. Once again, I was floored, I just loved it. I loved the album so, so, much. I will always remember the on-stage costume change, but he was behind a white screen, so very sexy!

so beautiful

This was the single to go with Truly Madly Deeply: The Best of Savage Garden in 2005. I have always loved this song; it has a special memory for me. I’d pulled this guy in a club and went home with him, which is something that almost never happened to me, I was crap at it, and although nothing happened, I fell hard. His name was Adam and it just so happened that he lived in the same road as me but worked away at sea and was gone for long periods of time and didn’t want to get into anything serious. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

the big night in 2006

This was a live tour. I have no idea why I did not go to this?! I have this on DVD and have watched it so many times. I lived on my own for a huge chunk of my life and if I was ever feeling low, I would put this on and felt like I had my very own concert in my living room, but this was more than a concert. The joy that it brought me is unmeasurable. He is just so beautiful. And what an excellent version Brake Me, Shake Me!

Here’s my favourite song from the 2nd Savage Garden album, Affirmation

this delicate thing we’ve made

On The Verge of Something Wonderful was released into the world in 2007 and I was obsessed. The video, the song, the lyrics. Love, love, LOVE!

This would probably be my favourite album of his. I LOVED the whole concept of time travel and going to the past to fix the future. Plus, the dark/electronic tones similar to Tension and the Spark but then some of it is more positive and upbeat so it’s the best of both worlds and a real journey. Who Would Have Thought is possibly my favourite song of his, and I just love the gorgeous video…

And now we have quite possibly the coolest music video ever…

myspace gig: soho review bar

This is one of my all-time favourite gigs. I never win anything, and I put my name in the raffle to win tickets to this intimate gig in a lovely, intimate venue and my name was picked. I felt like a VIP. I remember hearing his version of Madonna’s Dress You Up for the first time here and it’s my favourite Madonna track by my favourite male artist, it was HEAVEN. He sings it better than her! *Bless myself and genuflect* and I can remember how excited I was when they played the Prince track as I knew it meant he was on next. I felt so unbelievably lucky as I was so close, I took these amazing pictures below. I also remember towards the end of the show I was stood on a platform at the back of the small standing section, and I was next to Richard his boyfriend at the time, now his husband, but I didn’t know at the time because I didn’t know what he looked like. This just felt like a dream when I look back!

time machine tour

I saw this at The Royal Albert Hall with a work colleague Vicki when I worked at Blockbuster. This was my first visit to this venue and has become one of my favourites. This show was just so good. I am currently listening to a podcast as I type this, and Darren is explaining that he massively lost out on money with this tour, but he didn’t care, he loved it. I did too. This was him at the top of his game for me. It was so theatrical, and it was the tour that went to my favourite album of his and I was very much deeply in love with this album at the time.

secret codes and battleships

This album saw success for Darren here in the UK once again as the singles enjoyed a lot of airplay on Radio 2 as he had signed to a major label for the first time in years. Black Out The Sun was originally written by him and songwriter Kavin Grig for Leona Lewis but decided to keep it for himself as he loved it so much. The orchestral version is particularly delicious.

This album is very bittersweet for me. It came out when I was in my first serious relationship, and it wasn’t smooth sailing towards the end. This was an album that we did together and holds so many memories so it’s hard for me to listen to, but there is so much to love here. Hurt, God Walking into The Room & Explode are my favourites.

australian x factor 2011

the secret’s out tour 2012

I saw this at the Indigo Lounge at the O2 in London with my best friend at the time, Matt. We were sat up on the stalls level and I remember the seats were quite large and luxurious and it felt like we were VIPs! Of course, Bloodstained Heart, Stupid Mistake and Black Out The Sun were highlights as I really love these (I mean, what a hat trick!), but I remember getting a little teary over I Don’t Know You Anymore which I had loved for years, it was so good to hear it live.

And then…


Not even darkness…


And then… salvation!

let’s try being in love

After a really long absence from the world of music. He’d even said he was done with it all and wanted to do something else. Something else saw him try his hand at comedy, but for whatever reason, and I knew he would, he changed his mind…

The moment we thought would never happen. Darren Hayes has new music, and a new album on the way. Halleluiah! And this has quickly become one of his best for me…

And now we have the album Homosexual, and it is the album he had to make to allow himself to heal in ways he hadn’t realised. Not only is it his most personal work to date. Not only is it the perfect balance of emotional tragedy and celebratory euphoria. I have listened to this so much over the last two weeks and I find something else to love each time. I relate to so much of this it’s almost like it came out of me. This piece of work is his magnum opus.

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