Girl by Dannii Minogue celebrates its 25th Anniversary

My digital art to mark the occasion

One of my favourite albums of all time was released 25 years ago today. Girl by Dannii Minogue saw a change of direction for Danni, switching up her new jack beats style, for electro pop. This album, her third, was produced and developed by the team who went on to do the same on many of Girls Aloud’s hits, is widely regarded as a masterclass on pop music.

It’s home to 3 official hit singles: All I Wanna Do (UK No.4), Everything I Wanted (UK No.15), and the epic fan favourite Disremembrance (UK No.21), all hitting the No.1 spot in the UK Dance Chart. Coconut, a cover, only released as a single in Australia was a hidden track at the end of the album.

The album enjoyed a re-release in 2007 with bonus tracks Keep Up With The Good Times and Someone New, along with a collection of remixes of the singles and some album tracks. This included the amazing full orchestral 12” mix of Disremembrance, which is a total eargasm!

Also, quite recently in 2020 the lead single All I Wanna Do was remixed and released, including a remix by Bright Light Bright Light who is a self proclaimed fan of both Dannii and this song.

This morning Dannii posted a blank vinyl pressing playing on a turntable with no sound on social media, hinting to the fans with something we’ve been waiting for for years…

Click the link below to check out her artist page on my website…

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