Book Release: You’ve Got This by Louise Redknapp

Today is a big day for my fav Louise Redknapp with the official publication of her brand new book You’ve Got This, and what better day to release this than on World Book Day. It’s also the 25th Anniversary of her 2nd solo hit In Walked Love.

You’ve Got This is part biography, part lifestyle guide as Louise records the highs and lows of her career, as well as sharing advice on what she has learned and how she’s overcome difficult times in her life.

Taken from official promo

I am currently really enjoying it. I’m just over halfway through and am devouring it like a naughty take away, but without the calories! Nothing bad for you here, just inspiration and a lovely trip down memory lane, finding out some things that I didn’t know about her.

So far, it’s a very easy read, the chapters are put together nicely with her reminiscing to you and then ending the chapter with how she worked through tough times or things she may have done differently if she was dealing with said situation today.

Taken from official promo

Kudos to her for really revealing her vulnerability and real truth about her life without dishing the dirt on anyone else. If you were hoping for a Jamie bashing or detailed cat fights from her time in Eternal you’ll be sorely disappointed, Louise has a lifelong touch of class which rises above such behaviour and resonates throughout.

Taken from official promo

My only grumble is that it’s a little short, there’s just not enough, but hey, I’m greedy and always want more when it comes to my favourite lady.

You’ve Got This by Louise Redknapp is released today. Go gets yours!

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