Albuversary: Heavy Love by Louise Redknapp celebrates it’s 1 year anniversary

Released exactly one year ago today, my No.1 album of 2020 Heavy Love by Louise Redknapp celebrates it’s 1 year anniversary.

Heavy Love contains the singles Stretch, Lead Me On, Small Talk, Breaking Back Together, Not The Same and Hurt.

To mark the occasion I have revisited my artwork of the album cover which was the my first piece of digital fan art that I created almost a year ago. It’s interesting for me to see how much I have progressed.

This is the video I put together of the content I captured at the Heavy Love Launch Party at St John’s Church in Kingston Upon Thames. What a night it was. Remember… when we used to be able to gather together… and do fun stuff like this…

Taken at HMV, Westfield in London

Thank you Louise for returning to the stage and doing what we all love. What a year!

Here’s to Album 5!

Please click on the photo below to visit her artist page on my website

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