New Release: What The Future Holds by Steps

Finally, their new album has dropped and it does not disappoint!

2020 has really been a shit year, let’s face it, but not when it comes to new music. Brand new albums from some of my favourite artists have seen the light of day in 2020, starting with the well overdue and highly anticipated Heavy Love by Louise, and is my personal album of the year. Lady Gaga had a new album Chromatica which was a return to form IMO. Then, just a few weeks ago we had Kylie’s Disco, which is such a stomp fest full of bops, plus Little Mix’s Confetti, and now we have this new album to clear away the darkness, ready for the run up to Christmas.

We’ve already been treated to 5 songs from the album, including the lead single by the same name, which is quite possibly the best thing they have ever done. Plus, my personal favourite so far, Under My Skin, which showcases their vocals and brings a maturity they visited years ago with another personal favourite Light Up The World.

Steps, I salute you. You are just what we need in this current climate of dread. Having been a fan for many years, I know that you’re so much more than the throw away pop act everyone expected back in the day. For me, your voices bring familiarity during a truly tough time, a real sense of home and safety, and another cracking album I will still love in many years to come, and I for one cannot thank you enough.

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