Singleversary: What’cha Gonna Do by Eternal

Co-written by Easter & Vernie themselves, What’cha Gonna Do was the lead single for their fourth studio album Eternal. The single peaked on the UK Singles Chart at No.16, and was also a Top.10 hit in Belgium.

Eternal 3.0 served a more slick RnB sound that brought them right up to date with the sound of that era, showcasing growth from the pop sound of their back catalogue. This material, mostly recorded in the US, followed the trend laid by Destiny’s Child and TLC, and I for one was #HereForIt.

This was, alas, the final UK single by my favourite band of all time. Their popularity was at an all time low with the sacking of Kelle, this being the third line up, now leaving just the Bennett sisters Easther & Vernie. This, along with the album that followed is their strongest work imo. If only people were able to step back from the drama and just listened to the actual music.

Thankfully though, Easther, Vernie & Kelle ended up coming back together for The Big Reunion in 2014, publicly making amends in the documentary which lead to a live show where they performed at a sold out concert.

If What’cha Gonna Do was considered to be a flop, it was still a UK Top.20 hit reaching No.16, their lowest appearance in the UK Singles Chart. Not bad if you ask me.

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