Albuversary: Lets Get To It by Kylie Minogue

29 years ago today this slightly left field beauty of an album was released into the world.

With a much more mature sound than her previous efforts, Let’s Get To It was a triumphant step in the right direction, needed to express her artistry. Mike Stock & Pete Waterman agreed to let her co-write with them on 6 tracks for this, her fourth studio album.

Lead single Words Is Out failed to hit the Top 10 in the UK for the first time for Kylie, entering at No.16, showcasing a more mature side that the pop market just wasn’t ready for.

Next up, If You Were With Me Now, ballad duet with Keith Washington, and, hang on a minute… can we actually hear her vocals more clearly for the first time ever?

Give Me Just A Little More Time was a safer bet, sounding much more like the big hitters from her earlier albums, peaking at No.2 in the UK Singles Chart.

To finish things up we had yet another ballad. The beautiful Finer Feelings, narrowly missing out of the UK Top 10 singles chart at No.11.

This album is one of her least successful efforts of her career, failing to hit The Top Ten Album Chart both in the UK and Australia, but it has a big fan following and is often referred to as the hidden gem of her career.

It still went on to be certified Gold in Australia selling over 35,000 copies, and sold over 25,000 copies in Japan.

Sometimes it isn’t about every album breaking records, it’s about the journey, and being brave enough to take risks and show your talent.

Live And Learn.

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