Can we take a minute to remember this from 2007: #RentRemixed by #TeamKylie’s William Baker.

I would consider myself a #RentHead, after all it is my favourite musical and I have seen it 7 times now I think, and each production, however different, the main heart of the story and characters never fail to seep through, and this version, although radically modernised and ‘lit’ up, still achieves the same.

This production featured original Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy as Mimi (who was rather good), a young Luke Evans as Roger (before he became a Hollywood star), Oliver Thornton (who went on to star in Rocky Horror as Frank N Furter, who was absolutely brilliant in the role) as Mark, Leon Lopez as Collins, Francesca Jackson (of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Nancy search I’d Do Anything) as Joanne and the absolutely beautiful Jay Webb as Angel who I was quite taken with. Ahem.

The part of Maureen was played by Denice Van Outen but for my performance Jesse Wallace was the in the role, and she was good, offered a very different Maureen, but I was very gutted to miss Van Outen.

The whole production was taken up a notch from the drab settings of the original, remastered in HD if you will, in a very white and colourfully lit setting from what I remember, looking like a very high fashion apartment/club space, as opposed to a run down squat/strip club.

Also involved from #TeamKylie was Steve Anderson, who arranged all new versions of the music. I did not know this back then, but my research it now explains why I liked it so much as this man is a genius.

I actually think it may have done better if it was brought to life today, maybe we just weren’t ready for it. I for one would definitely like to see it again.

No day but today!

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